Another liferoom figure

We just completed a three-week session in the life room. Again, I felt I didn’t have nearly enough time because of my part-time status. Still, I was happy with the drawing and feel I am getting better at creating a likeness in the face. One area where I struggled was in deciding which parts of the back were in shadow and which were in light.

The initial block in. Note the list of work items on the right side.

I reduced the block in and transferred it to a fresh sheet of paper.

By the end of the three week pose I had the figure mostly rendered.


Just finished a drawing of Yma. I didn’t really have enough time to do the face or a careful rendering, but I think the drawing shows potential.

I’ve drawn and sculpted Yma many times over the past four years. This drawing was a four week pose. I got about seven 3-hour sessions due to my part-time status.